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Support and Training

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Support and Training


ÇAP Teknoloji Danışmanlık provides the maintenance, support and training services you need in the follow-up with its professional staff, as well as the services of establishing the information infrastructure of your company, arranging its current structure and operation, and projecting.

If you are satisfied with your current structure and operation and you want to maintain the continuity of this situation, you can also make a maintenance and support agreement.

Bilişim Danışmanlığı BT


Within the scope of maintenance and support agreement;

  • Installation and maintenance of server, client and network components,
  • Firewall installation and configuration,
  • Control and prevention of physical and software security vulnerabilities,
  • Antivirus, antimalware installations and updates,
  • Operating system installations and support,
  • Backup and storage services,
  • virtualization,
  • Web page design and management,
  • Management of social media accounts,
  • SEO consultancy,
  • E-commerce consultancy,
  • business intelligence consulting,
  • Routine system updates,
  • Year-end cycles of ERP software,
  • Form designs,
  • Report designs

We provide services in

We provide our services within this scope with remote connection, telephone support and on-site support when necessary.

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