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With the Logo E-Ledger application, which can be integrated with all ERP and software, create your Journal and Ledger documents digitally, send them to the Revenue Administration easily and quickly, and save them with the assurance of Logo E-Ledger. view whenever you want.

With the Logo e-Ledger application, move your commercial notebooks to the digital world and leave behind operational business processes that waste time.

Lower costs:

Save on operational costs such as labor, notary approval, printing, paper, cartridges.

Secure Registration:

Safely store your ledger records in digital environment.

Easy Integration:

Logo e-Defter uygulamasını mevcut yazılımınıza kolayca entegre edin.

Easy Reporting:

Simplify reporting processes with XBRL technology in international standards.

Fast access:

Access the Logo e-Ledger application whenever you want and perform your transactions easily.

Compliance with Legal Legislation:

Follow your transactions with confidence with its structure that is compatible with the current standards of the Revenue Administration and updated according to the changing legislation.

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