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Logo Tiger Wings ERP, with its wide modular structure and rich functions, not only improves the business processes of medium and large scale enterprises, but also supports sustainable productivity anytime, anywhere thanks to its use over the web.

Logo Tiger Wings offers a high level of ease of use with its renewed interface in line with the feedback from users. With features such as background customizations, desktop that can be easily personalized with drag-and-drop feature, viewing all functions from a single point, functional search button, and adding external links to the desktop, Logo Tiger Wings makes a difference in terms of ease of use.

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Logo Tiger Wings, with its flexible foreign exchange system and reporting structure, provides the necessary basis for a strong financial performance not only for local but also international businesses. The solution, which provides access to up-to-date profitability analysis, offers flexibility to meet all kinds of needs with payment and collection plan definitions. Within the framework of the determined limits and rules, risk monitoring and electronic warning can be sent; Ba-Bs reconciliations for current accounts can also be prepared with a single click and sent electronically.

Web-based infrastructure for medium and large businesses

Logo Tiger Wings enables medium and large enterprises to easily manage all their activities from a single point. Efficiency in business processes is achieved by central and consistent execution of all operations, from procurement processes to customer relationship management. The web-based infrastructure of the solution also significantly reduces the initial setup costs. Thus, businesses can get rid of unnecessary workload and costs and allocate resources to competitive advantage and innovation.

independent of time and place

With Logo Tiger Wings, which enables quick and easy access to the system via a tablet, ERP becomes independent of time and space. Instant access to information also provides significant time savings for users.

Extensible structure, flexible pricing

Logo Tiger Wings; It offers rich functions covering many business processes from foreign trade to customer debt information tracking, from material requirement planning to cost accounting. The solution, which includes such standard features, can be further enriched with additional modules and functions according to needs. Thus, each business can create a package according to its sector, business structure and expectations. Moreover, since Logo Tiger Wings is licensed with a subscription model, periodic user-based pricing is possible with its flexible pricing feature.

Always up to date and compliant

Logo Tiger Wings, which enables businesses to achieve maximum efficiency in business processes by communicating uninterruptedly both within themselves and with their customers, business partners and suppliers, is also regularly renewed in accordance with the changing legislation. Thus, information flow is ensured with accurate and up-to-date data, while complex business processes are simplified and regulated, and legal compliance is guaranteed.

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