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Easily organize your invoices with Logo E-Invoice.

Logo E-Fatura

Increase your company's efficiency by accelerating your business processes and trade by digitizing your invoices with Logo e-Invoice. Thus, direct your resources to areas that will give your company competitive power!

Lower costs

Save on paper, printing, archiving, labor and distribution costs with e-Invoice.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate e-Invoice into your business processes and existing software.

Fast and Efficient

Save time by speeding up your invoicing and accounting processes with e-Invoice


Quickly access your invoices, which are securely stored electronically, when needed.


Reduce paper usage with the e-Invoice system, save hundreds of thousands of trees every year.

Sınırsız Yetkilendirme

Perform user management easily thanks to the structure of the e-Invoice system that allows the authorization of an infinite number of users.

Logo e-Invoice is an electronic document standardized in a certain format, irrevocably sealed, providing security, time and cost savings between the seller and the buyer. It has the same legal qualities as a paper invoice.

With LOGO's module, you can perform your e-Invoice transaction in two different ways:

File Transfer Solution:

In this option, you can automatically save your invoices in a folder you specify via the Logo e-Invoice system. However, you have to manually transfer this folder to the e-Invoice portal of the RA.

Server Software-GIB Integration Solution:

With the e-Invoice solution, you can use the e-Invoice application by integrating with the system of the Revenue Administration through your own information system through the e-Invoice server that you will purchase. Your e-Invoice is sealed, enveloped and transferred to the portal automatically.

Why LOGO e-Invoice?

  • It shortens the accounting, confirmation and payment processes.
  • It speeds up cash flow.
  • It minimizes printing, output and postage costs.
  • It reduces the conflicts between the customer and the institution.
  • It facilitates the fulfillment of legal obligations.
  • It provides the advantage of monitoring and reporting the integration.

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