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GO 3

Elevate Your Business Apps to 3D!

GO 3is a new generation software that meets all the needs of SMEs from different sectors, enabling them to manage their business processes from a single source with the right information and reduce their costs. A brand new platform with a customizable, fast, simple and practical interface. GO 3; It accelerates business processes by meeting the needs of businesses from distribution, service, construction, education, textile, media, health and many other sectors. GO 3 Finance, accounting, payroll, order, purchasing, supply chain management operations can be carried out completely.

GO 3By collecting resources and information on a single platform, it enables to track costs and better position products and services against the competition. Businesses GO 3In addition to the standard features of Logo, they can download many functions and obtain applications developed by Logo business partners from the Logo Store. With its ease of use and rich functional content, it fully meets the usage needs of professionals who have high expectations for time saving and efficiency. GO 3has gained mobile compatibility with the virtual keyboard developed after the launch of touch screen notebooks and tablets.

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