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Financial Advisor Plus

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Financial Advisor Plus

Financial Advisor Plus is an accounting software specially designed for Certified Public Accountants and Certified Public Accountants with its rich feature set and practical use.

LOGO Financial Advisor Plus responds to all requests of professionals with its ease of use and superior technology.

The fact that you can easily use the Office Management, Accounting, Fixed Asset, Payroll, Business Ledger and Declaration modules, which it contains, reduces your workload and saves you time.

The solution's code and data structure, which is identical to other LOGO solutions, makes the transfer and processing of customer data extremely easy, while daily transactions entered from stock, invoice, check/promissory note, bank, cash, current account modules can be transferred to the general accounting program at any time.

The convenience provided by the Windows environment and the practical interface meticulously prepared by LOGO enable you to carry out your operations quickly and without errors.

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