Warehouse Automation

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Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation solutions Ocean and Neon solutions, integrated with Logo products developed by Sempa, one of the Logo group companies, help to increase profitability and efficiency by optimizing all goods movements in the supply chain and managing all processes in warehouses in the best way.

Wide Range of Modules

Ocean WMS solution has the feature to include all business processes such as purchasing, production, sales, distribution management, labeling and similar. With the only warehouse management system with process automation capability, Ocean WMS provides efficiency in all processes specific to your business. Ocean WMS offers a wide selection of Receiving, Placement, Supply/Feeding, Shipment, Collection, Stock Management and Production.

Next Generation Technologies

Ocean WMS meets the need for labeling and label reading with automatic recognition methods such as barcode, RFID and data matrix technologies. Three-dimensional navigation in the warehouse, better layout can be obtained with warehouse control. Fully automated warehouses can be successfully managed with the robot module designed to manage AS/RS systems designed for palletized warehouses.

Hand Terminals

With Neon, transactions are carried out over hand terminals with barcode and RFID technologies. With its easy-to-use and rich functions, Neon can practically perform goods acceptance, shipment, serial/lot operations, production, foreign trade, pallet/pack and set processes.

Adaptable Flexible Platform

With Ocean WMS, the only SCM software in Turkey with a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool, improvements can be made in a short time and at low cost by adapting sensitive processes in warehouses. With the Reporting and Adaptation Tools it contains, it provides competitive advantage by producing one-to-one solutions for the processes suitable for the sectors and helps to improve the processes.