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Speed ​​+ Flexibility + Control = Sales

Logo CRMBy controlling your processes before, during and after sales, selling products or services, Logo ERP It is a CRM solution that allows you to manage integrated with solutions.

Institutional Memory Building

Your potential and working customers, dealers, suppliers, etc. It allows you to easily define, group and prepare offers from the selected company/person-related interviews. Collection of All Documents and Agreements in One Place Collection of All Documents and Agreements in One Place helps you to access, manage and report bulk submissions, related documents, e-mails, agreements and after sales satisfaction/complaint records from a single platform.

Time management

It works synchronously with MS Exchange and MS Outlook. Customizable corporate daily – weekly – monthly – yearly views CRM Thanks to its agenda, you can have an effective management and reporting mechanism where you can follow the activities, route management, meeting and visit plans of your sales team and after-sales service team.

Document, Customer Attribution

You can create as many main folders or subfolders as you want, and it allows you to store your documents, templates, a scanned version of a wet-signed document, your necessary company documents (word, excel, pdf, drawing or picture, etc.) in these folders. It associates these documents with your customers, your interview, opportunity and offer records, or after-sales service records, and allows you to instantly view which documents are associated with which customer.

Activity Management

It keeps a detailed record of all potential or current customer route visits, interviews, meeting notes of your sales or after-sales service teams and enables you to report them with the pivot table feature. Moreover, it supports the corporate memory of your business by allowing you to access which employee has talked to your customers about which subject and what the details of the conversation are.

Customer Management from a Single Screen

It helps you to see and manage your sales opportunities, project and tender follow-ups, together with their entire process, on a single screen, by whom, what actions were taken, what was discussed, what offers were given, together with the related documents and e-mails.

Offer Preparation Process Feature

It helps you to prepare offers faster thanks to the fields, views and templates that can be defined for your proposal processes. It also allows you to have a more flexible bidding process thanks to the historical price control, Optional bid, Alternative bid and product association features. It allows you to minimize “human error” thanks to the offer approval processes that can be configured in several different ways according to your needs, and the instant current account risk limit and stock remaining amount controls made automatically from the database of your Logo software.

After Sales Process Management

Thanks to the "Support Center", which can be customized as required by your after-sales processes, it helps you manage your customer satisfaction / complaint processes, technical support processes or call center processes by integrating with your IP switchboard.

Full Integration with ERP Solutions

Logo ve Netsis Thanks to the instant integration it provides with the series products; It allows you to follow your customers' current account statements, order statements and risk limits. Moreover; Checking the instant stock quantities of your products and making offers that turn into sales ERP It offers the features of automatic transfer to the solutions as an order or waybill.

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